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About Us

музыкальный магазин Классика

Сlassic is a chain of musical instrument stores, the largest supplier of professional sound and lighting equipment on the Russian market.

Our company offers a wide range of products for musicians fr om the world's leading manufacturers: grand pianos, pianos, synthesizers, guitars, electric guitars, drum kits, a full range of orchestral and folk instruments, professional sound and lighting equipment, as well as numerous accessories.

The entire range of products is available in our retail stores in St. Petersburg and in the online store klassikashop.ru . Our stores are equipped with special test drive zones wh ere you can evaluate the sound of instruments. There is a specialized service center on the territory of the store "Classic" in St. Petersburg (Savushkina, 98), where specialists will consult you and fix the problem as soon as possible. Also in that store you will find the largest piano hall in the city.

The Classic store at 32 Dekabristov St. is located in the middle of St. Petersburg and offers a large selection of orchestral and folk instruments, digital and acoustic pianos, as well as guitars.

Our consultants – musicians and professionals in their field - will help you quickly navigate and choose the right musical instrument.

Classic is the official distributor of Kawai – and this means that our customers have the opportunity to purchase products from a leading manufacturer of keyboard instruments at the best prices.

In addition, the Classic company is a dealer of Roland, Yamaha, Casio and other leading world brands. The full list of music brands we work with is constantly expanding, and today it looks like this:Adams, Alice, Amati, Ashtone, Bach, Behringer, Belcat, Bluethner, Böesendorfer, Boss, Brahner, Buffet, Bugera, Casio, Cicognani, Cremona, Custom, Daddario, Dean markley, DeSalvo, Die hard, DR, D`andrea, Ernie ball, Eurolite, Evans, Fazioli, FBT, Fom, Fusen, Futurelight, General Electric, Hohner, Hohner Lanikai, Hydroceel, Irmler, Jahn, Kempton, Konig meyer, Lag, Laubach, Ludwig, Lyon&Healy, Martinez, Medeli, Neumann, Nux, Osram, Otto link, Palmer, Petrof, Phil Pro, Philips, Pioneer, Planet waves, Proel, Prudencio, Rico, Ritmuller, Rockson, Rocktron, Roland, Sabian, Savarez, Schilke, Selmer, Sennheiser, Silk road, Solo, Sonor, Stinger, Strunal, Tamburo, Vandoren, Vic Firth, Victoria, Weinbach, Weltmeister, Wittner, Wolf, Xenpow, Yamaha, Zildjian, АМС, Господин Музыкант, Киров, Лира, Мастера Алексея Чанилова, Мастера г.Пушкино, Тульская Гармонь. 

We not only guarantee the quality of the products presented in the store, but are also ready to help if your instrument breakss for any reason. The specialists of our service center will do everything possible to fix the problem as soon as possible.

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улица Савушкина, дом 98, литер А, помещение 2-Н

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